Zamioculcas Zamiifolia (80cm)


About me 

AKA: Zanzibar gem, ZZ plant

People know me for my thick waxy green leaves. I am native to East Africa where I developed a hardiness, even storing water in my leaves.

I'm great in living rooms and hallways where I can show off my lush green leaves.

Care instructions 


  • I can deal with low levels of light, keep me out of direct sunlight


  • I am used to semi-arid conditions, so be careful not to over water me. Wait until the top few inches of my soil have dried out and water me less in winter


  • To help me grow give me liquid fertiliser once in Spring and once in Summer


Toxic to humans and pets if ingested

Find me a pot

This 80cm tall ZZ Plant comes in a 18cm plastic nursery pot, so will fit in a decorative pot >19cm; we have some suggestions at the bottom of the page.

Note: decorative pots in photos sold separately