Cycas Revoluta - Hanging Kokedama (40cm)


About me 

AKA: Cycas Revoluta

I'm a type of Cycad, which is one of the oldest plants in the world (older than even the dinosaurs). I bring the lush forest vibe inside and make a brilliant architectural and textual statement.

I come in a kokedama style hanging basket (kokedama is the Japanese art of growing plants in a moss-covered ball of soil wrapped with string).

Care instructions


  • I like bright areas but try and keep me out of direct sunshine as it can burn my leaves


  • From spring-autumn keep the top soil moist but not wet (c.1 a week), watering me when the top soil is dry, in winter water me sparingly
  • Be careful not to overwater me as my roots could rot


  • Feed me once a month from spring to summer

Find me a pot

I come in the hanging kokedama in the photo.

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