Chinese Money Plant (25cm)


About me

AKA: Pilea Peperomioides, Pancake plant

I am like no-one else you have seen before, with my plate like leaves spinning on my tall strong stems. I look great anywhere, but try me on a windowsill or on a table, and I will be sure to leave your visitors in awe ;)

Also, I come in the grey ceramic pot in the photo!

Care instructions


  • Keep me in light shade, out of direct sun (but don’t completely hide me away!)


  • From spring-autumn led the top soil dry out in between watering me, in winter just keep my soil moist 
  • Mist me regularly to keep me looking great


  • Feed me once a month from spring to summer


Not toxic to pets if ingested

Find me a pot

This Chinese money plant comes in the grey ceramic pot in the photo.