Cactus (20cm)


About me

We have thick leafless stems covered in prickly spines and sharp spikes. We are native to the desert regions of the Americas so we are very hardy and can deal with cold, hot and dry conditions.

We come in mixed varieties, so if there is one of us you like more just let us know and we will give them to you - pretty fly for a Cacti!

Care instructions 


  • We love sunshine so put us near south-facing windows to keep us happy. We can deal with direct sunshine, but let us acclimatise to it if you decide to move us 


  • Always let the soil dry out in between watering me
  • Water me about once a week in summer and once a month in winter


  • Feed me once a month from spring to summer using succulent feed


I can be toxic to children and pets if ingested

Find me a pot

These c.20cm tall mixed cactus come in the 13cm plastic nursery pot in the photos.