Umbrella Tree Schefflera Arboricola Gold Capella
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Schefflera Arboricola Gold Capella

Umbrella Tree

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I'm one of the most striking plants around with my leaves spreading out in to a canopy with splashes of gold, yellow and pale green.

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To see me at my best

Relatively undemanding to look after - put me in a spot with bright indirect sunlight and water me when the top of my soil has dried out.

Size guide

Width Height Diameter
Large: 80cm 40 80 19
Extra Large: 120cm 50 120 24

The table gives a guide to the size of this plant and how it will fit into your space. Height is measured from the bottom of the plastic nursery pot (please allow a +/-10% variance). Diameter is the nursery pot diameter, so to get a pot that fits, the pot diameter should be bigger.

How to look after me

  • Light


    I like lots of bright indirect light, but keep me out of intense direct sunshine.

  • Water


    Keep my soil moist from Spring to Summer, watering when the top soil has dried out. Water me sparingly during Winter.

  • Food


    Feed me once a month in Spring and Summer.

  • Climate


    I like warm spots and a regular misting.

  • Other Maintentance


    Wipe my leaves with a clean, damp cloth to keep them free of dust. Turn me regularly so I do not lean to one side.

Things to look out for

  • Look Out

    Leggy growth

    Put me in a brighter spot.
  • Look Out

    Leaves falling

    This may be due to temperature fluctuations or I am not getting enough light.
  • Look Out

    Drooping leaves

    Under or over watering. If my soil is soggy, allow me to dry out and ensure I have good drainage.

Health impacts

  • Toxic


    Toxic if ingested - keep away from pets and children.

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