Banana Plant Musa Dwarf Cavendish
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Musa Dwarf Cavendish

Banana Plant


I am a dwarf variety of banana plant (although can still grow up to 3 meters tall) and I will make a real statement anywhere in the house.

My paddle shaped leaves have splashes of purple and maroon, but be careful as they are more delicate than you might expect!

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To see me at my best

Put me in a sunny spot, keep my soil damp but not wet and mist my leaves frequently.

Size guide

Width Height Diameter
Medium: 90cm 70 80 21

The table gives a guide to the size of this product and how it will fit into your space - please allow +/-10% variance for plants. Height measurements are from the bottom of the plastic nursery pot.

How to look after me

  • Light


    I like bright indirect light and can deal with a direct sunshine outside of the afternoon peak.

  • Water


    I like a lot of water, but make sure I am in a pot with good drainage. My soil should be damp but not wet at all times.

  • Food


    Feed me once a month during Spring and Summer.

  • Climate


    Mist me regularly.

  • Other Maintentance


    My leaves can be quite delicate, and tear almost as easily as paper, but new leaves will grow quickly so don't worry too much!

Things to look out for

  • Look Out

    Yellow or brown edges / tips

    It's normal for leaves to become blemished and ripped from general knocking or even low humidity levels, but new leaves grow quickly so don't over-stress.

Health impacts

  • Pet Friendly

    Child and pet friendly

  • Air Purifying


    Filters airborne toxins.

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