Asparagus Fern Asparagus Setaceus
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Asparagus Setaceus

Asparagus Fern


The soft feathery foliage on my wiry stems gives me an almost miniature tree-like look. Despite my name I'm not a true fern and I'm actually easier to look after than the real ferns.

Pots that fit me
The Stem Pledge

To see me at my best

Put me in a bright room out of the direct sun, and make sure my soil stays moist.

Size guide

Width Height Diameter
Small: 50cm 30 50 17

Height is measured from the bottom of the plastic nursery pot (please allow a +/-10% variance). Diameter is the nursery pot diameter, so to get a pot that fits, the pot diameter should be bigger.

How to look after me

  • Light


    I like bright indirect light and can also deal with light shade. Avoid putting me in direct sunlight.

  • Water


    Keep the soil moist but not damp. Water me less frequently over winter months.

  • Food


    Feed me once a month in spring and summer.

  • Climate


    Occasional misting will help to keep my foliage fresh and airy.

Things to look out for

  • Look Out

    Yellowing foliage

    Older foliage at the bottom will yellow naturally. If the yellowing is widespread, the room temperature may be too high or it could also indicate that I am over or under-watered.
  • Look Out

    Brown leave edges

    Too much sun - move me to somewhere shadier and make sure to keep my soil moist.

Health impacts

  • Toxic


    Toxic if ingested - keep away from children and pets.
  • Look Out


    Known to absorb benzene, octane, toluene and alpha-pinene from the air.
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