Aralia Fabian Polyscias Fabian
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Polyscias Fabian

Aralia Fabian


This leafy Polyscias is known for its dense foliage, wasting no space, with leaves growing from the very bottom of its trunk.

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To see me at my best

I can tolerate most light conditions, apart from direct sunlight. Mist me regularly to keep my leaves healthy, and ensure I'm out of the way of draughts.

Size guide

Width Height Diameter
60cm height, 17cm pot 20 60 17

Height is measured from the bottom of the plastic nursery pot (please allow a +/-10% variance). Diameter is the nursery pot diameter, so to get a pot that fits, the pot diameter should be bigger.

Polyscias Fabian 0218

Polyscias Fabian 0218

How to look after me

  • Light


    I prefer bright indirect light, but I can tolerate some shade. Keep me out of direct sunlight.

  • Water


    Water me when the top two inches of my soil are dry, but don't overwater me, as I don't like to be in soggy soil.

  • Food


    Feed me once a month in Spring and Summer.

  • Climate


    I like to be in a warm room, between 15-29°C. I like humidity, so mist me regularly to keep my leaves healthy.

  • Other Maintentance


    I don't like draughts, I may drop some leaves if I'm feeling the chill.

  • Polyscias Fabian close

Health impacts

  • Toxic


    All parts are poisonous - keep away from pets and children.
Polyscias Fabian close
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