African Milk Tree Euphorbia trigona 'Rubra'
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Euphorbia trigona 'Rubra'

African Milk Tree


These strange looking Euphorbia or African Milk Tree plant, is an easy care succulent native to West Africa, decorated with deciduous red leaves along the spine.

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To see me at my best

I love bright direct sunshine, water me every few weeks in summer and less frequently in winter.

Size guide

Width Height Diameter
60cm height, 17cm pot 17 60 17

Height is measured from the bottom of the plastic nursery pot (please allow a +/-10% variance). Diameter is the nursery pot diameter, so to get a pot that fits, the pot diameter should be bigger.

Euphorbia Trigona

Euphorbia Trigona

How to look after me

  • Light


    I love sun - give me as much as possible!

  • Water


    Give me a drink every week or so in summer and just occasionally over the cooler months.

  • Food


    Feed me once in spring and once in summer.

  • Climate


    You don't need to give me any extra humidity as I like it dry.

  • Other Maintentance


    Dust me every month or so using a soft brush to open up my pores.

Health impacts

  • Toxic


    This sap can leak out if the exterior is punctured, be careful as it is toxic.

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