What is repotting?

As is natural for any healthy plant, eventually, a plant will outgrow its nursery pot, so will need repotting!

While repotting may sound like a daunting task, with a little guidance, even those with the least green thumb will find their inner gardener. Typically your plant may need repotting every 1-2 years.

How to tell if your plant needs repotting:

  • Roots poking out from the bottom of your plant's nursery pot
  • Roots pushing out above your plant's pot
  • Your plant is very top-heavy and looks like it will topple

If you can see one or multiple of these symptoms, then your plant likely needs repotting.

How to repot your plant:

  • Find a new appropriately sized plastic nursery pot to re-home your plant - it should be a few fingers width wider than the existing pot; make sure it has drainage holes at the bottom of the pot, which are essential in order to water your plant correctly
  • Carefully ease your plant out of its current pot (gently pressing on the sides of the pot and encouraging the root ball out will help)
  • Add fresh potting soil into the new pot and pack it down, adding enough so that the top of the root ball is a few inches below the rim of the new pot
  • Gently untangle the roots of your plant
  • Carefully place your plant into the new pot and add potting soil around the plant roots, until the plant is securely standing upright, gently pressing down to remove air pockets
  • Don't fill the pot right up to the brim with soil as it may then be hard to water

Golden Rules:

  • It is best to repot your plant in Spring before your plant enters its main growing phase helping it to quickly re-adjust to its new home
  • Water your plant a few days before repotting, this will help you to ease your plant out of its current nursery pot
  • Most plants will be fine with general houseplant potting soil, but some such as Cactus will need special potting soil
  • Be careful when rehoming your plant and don't force/tug!
  • Choose a pot that is 2-3cm larger for small plants (<20cm pot) or c.5cm for larger plants; we recommend to always repot into a new plastic nursery pot (you can get them from garden centres or DIY stores) that has holes in the bottom (and then put the plant in its plastic container into a decorative pot)

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