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Collection of hanging and trailing plants

Indoor Plant Care Videos

Featuring plant experts Stu and Georgette, our bite-sized video guides will make caring for your indoor plants easy.

Choosing the right plants for your home

When selecting an indoor plant for your home it's important to consider where your planning to keep it and how much or little time you have on your hands.

What to do when your indoor plant arrives

When your new plant arrives there are a couple of steps to take to give them a good start and ensure they are healthy and happy in their new home.

How to water your indoor plants

It's important to give your indoor plants enough water for them to grow healthily, but not to let them drown. Overwatering is one of the most common ways people kill houseplants, but not enough water can lead to wilting and drooping plants.

How much light to give your indoor plants

Light is essential to life and is the energy that indoor plants require to live and grow. All houseplants require different amounts of natural light and it's important that you position your plants in a spot that they are happiest.

How to create the right climate for your indoor plants

​​Getting the climate right is key to a thriving plant. Many of the houseplants that are common to our homes are native to tropical or subtropical regions and therefore prefer warm and humid conditions. Watch our video to learn how to create the right climate for your plants to ensure they thrive in their new home.

How to pot or repot your indoor plants

With some easy tips you’ll learn how to pot a plant in no time, if your plant is overgrown or you want to change the style of pots you’re using, knowing how to successfully pot a plant will keep your plant lasting in its new home.

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