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Zamioculcas zamiifolia

ZZ Plant

ZZ Plant 3

ZZ Plant Care

Learn All About ZZ Plant Care with our Guide

The ZZ plant, also known as Zanzibar gem, is a tropical perennial with lush and waxy green leaves. The ZZ plant is native to eastern Africa and grows from rhizomes (underground stems) that store nutrients and water. This allows the plant to reproduce and protects it from under-watering.

Caring for your ZZ Plant


The ZZ plant is known as a low-light plant, but will do best if it receives plenty of indirect sunlight. Aim for a north-facing window that is sheltered from direct sun. Direct sunlight can scorch your ZZ plant’s leaves.

Soil & Nutrients

ZZ plants aren’t too fussy about their soil and any quick-draining potting mix will suffice. They also don’t need a huge amount of fertiliser, so aim to apply a half-strength liquid fertiliser every other month during the growing season (May to August).


The ZZ plant is drought tolerant and won’t enjoy receiving too much water, so let the soil dry out between waterings. You should expect to water your ZZ plant once or twice a month in summer and half this in the winter. Yellow and droopy leaves suggest the plant is getting too much water.

Climate & Humidity

ZZ plants are ideally suited to household temperatures and humidity, and won’t be overly sensitive to the environment in your home. Warm conditions are preferable, so avoid cold draughts and if necessary provide some extra humidity by misting occasionally.


ZZ plants are very low maintenance once they are established. Keep the leaves clean of dust by wiping them with a damp cloth and prune any yellow or dead growth.

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