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Swiss Cheese Plant

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Swiss Cheese Plant Care

Learn All About Swiss Cheese Plant Care with our Guide

This iconic houseplant is known for the distinctive holes in its heart-shaped leaves. These holes develop as the plant ages in a process known as fenestration. Native to the tropical forests of Central and South America, the swiss cheese plant likes bright, indirect sun and consistently moist soil.

Caring for your Swiss Cheese Plant


The swiss cheese plant originates from the jungle floor and is adapted to indirect or dappled sunlight. Too much direct sunlight can cause your plants leaves to burn but it does like to receive plenty of light, so aim for a spot near a window that is sheltered from direct sunlight.

Soil & Nutrients

Swiss cheese plants need nutrient-rich soil with good drainage. Look for a peat-free potting mix or you can mix sand and gravel into compost you already have to improve drainage. Use a liquid fertiliser occasionally during the growing season (May to August).


The Swiss cheese plant likes moist soil so top yours up when the top of the soil is dry. Make sure it doesn’t sit in standing water and reduce watering in the winter months. If you notice dry brown spots on your Swiss cheese plant’s leaves, it is probably receiving too much water.

Climate & Humidity

Due to their tropical origins, Swiss cheese plants like warm and humid conditions and are well suited to a bathroom or kitchen. Avoid exposing your swiss cheese plant to cold or dry conditions and consider increasing humidity by misting your plant, especially if you are using heating or air conditioning.


Swiss cheese plants produce aerial roots that allow them to spread and climb in the wild. A moss pole in the pot can be used to support your plant's desire to grow. Unwanted aerial roots can simply be pruned or used to propagate a new plant. Keep the leaves clean of dust by wiping them with a damp cloth and prune any dead growth.


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