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Snake Plant

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Snake Plant Care

Learn All About Snake Plant Care with our Guide

Snake plant’s distinctive sword-shaped leaves and almost indestructible nature have made it a houseplant favourite. The snake plant is native to western Africa where it is associated with spirits (Orisha) in several countries. Although these are very resilient plants, be careful not to overwater them.

Caring for your Snake Plant


Snake plants are very adaptable to different light conditions. Although they prefer bright indirect light, they can also tolerate direct sun and less bright spots. If you move your snake plant into the sun, try to acclimatise it to the change in light conditions.

Soil & Nutrients

Snake plants should be planted in a pot with very good drainage. A cactus or succulent potting mix is ideal, but you can also mix sand into a standard potting mix if you prefer. Use a half-strength liquid fertiliser (or cactus feed if you have some) monthly during the growing season (May to August).


The snake plant is drought tolerant and won’t enjoy receiving too much water, so let the soil dry out between waterings. You should expect to water your snake plant once or twice a month in summer and half this in the winter. Yellow, brown or droopy leaves can all indicate overwatering

Climate & Humidity

Snake plants are ideally suited to household temperatures and humidity, and won’t be overly sensitive to the environment in your home. Warm conditions are preferable, so avoid cold draughts and if you see brown tips on the leaves, try providing some extra humidity by misting occasionally.


Snake plants are notoriously low maintenance and also grow quite slowly. Removing old leaves during the growing season (Spring and Summer) will encourage new growth, so prune any unwanted leaves that are getting too large or are damaged at the soil level.


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