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Rubber Plant

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Rubber Plant Care

Learn All About Rubber Plant Care with our Guide

The rubber plant is a species of evergreen tropical tree, native to southern China, Southeast Asia and Indonesia. The rubber plant gets its name for the white latex sap found in its veins that, before the invention of synthetics, was used as rubber.

Caring for your Rubber Plant


Rubber plants enjoy bright, diffused sunlight and are best placed in a bright spot. Although they can tolerate direct morning sunshine, they should be moved away from harsh direct rays in the afternoon to avoid their leaves becoming burnt and crisp. If your rubber plant loses its lower leaves and becomes leggy or its leaves become dull it is likely your plant isn't getting enough sunlight.

Soil & Nutrients

Although they aren't particularly fussy when it comes to soil, rubber plants will flourish in a fast-draining, slightly acidic potting mix. You may spot the soil of your rubber plant diminish, causing the roots of the plant to become exposed. This is because rubber plants "eat" their soil. If this happens top its pot up with some more soil. In terms of fertiliser, rubber plants will benefit from being fed once per month during spring and summer with a liquid fertiliser diluted in water.


Rubber plants aren't drought tolerant and should be watered frequently. Their soil should be kept slightly moist, but not soggy at all times. When the top few centimetres of your rubber plants soil is dry to touch it's time to water. Droopy leaves and dry leaf tips are signs that your rubber plant is thirsty, whereas yellowing leaf edges could be a sign of overwatering.

Climate & Humidity

Native to the tropics of Southeast Asia rubber plants enjoy moderately humid conditions and would be well placed in a bathroom, where they'll get extra moisture. Alternatively, you can help replicate its natural habitat by misting it frequently or using a humidifier. Rubber plants are vulnerable to cool drafts, so avoid placing them next to a window or door.


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