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Pothos Plant Care

Learn All About Pothos Care with our Guide

Pothos is a very popular house plant due to it’s easy-care nature. Native to islands in the South Pacific, it can now be found in South Africa, Australia and Asia. Pothos is sometimes known as devil’s ivy because it is almost impossible to kill and can stay green when kept in the dark.

Caring for your Pothos


Pothos prefers indirect sunlight. Avoid direct sunlight that will scorch the leaves.

Soil & Nutrients

Any well-draining potting mix will suffice for your Pothos. Apply a diluted liquid fertiliser monthly.


Pothos’ are drought tolerant and won’t enjoy receiving too much water, so let the soil dry out completely between waterings. If you see black spots this is likely due to overwatering. Brown edges indicate the plant was without water for too long, but you will notice your Pothos wilting first.

Climate & Humidity

A typical household environment will suit your Pothos just fine, but extra humidity is preferable to dry spots, so avoid putting your plant too close to a radiator or vent. Feel free to give your Pothos the occasional misting.


Pothos is a low maintenance plant that can tolerate being neglected a little. However, it is a fast grower, so feel free to cut any unwanted growth and pop the cut end in water to start a new plant.


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