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Pachira aquatica

Money Tree

Money Tree 3

Money Tree Plant Care

Learn All About Money Tree Care with our Guide

The money tree is native to Central and South America where it grows in tropical swamps. In feng shui it is famed for creating positive energy and was popularised as an ornamental houseplant in East Asia in the 1980s. A money tree is happiest in bright indirect light and, due to its wetland origins, is tolerant to being overwatered.

Caring for your Money Tree


Money trees are best placed in bright indirect sunlight, although they can tolerate a little direct sun and some shade. Turn your money tree regularly to ensure even growth and it can grow well under fluorescent lighting or a grow light.

Soil & Nutrients

Money trees need nutrient-rich soil with good drainage. Look for a peat-free potting mix or you can mix sand and gravel into compost you already have to improve drainage. To keep these hungry plants satisfied, use a liquid fertiliser once a month during the growing season (May to August).


Money trees like lots of water so top yours up when the first inch of soil dries out. Make sure it doesn’t sit in standing water as this can lead to root rot, a common issue that can be avoided by using a pot with drainage holes. Water frequently in spring and summer but reduce watering in the winter months.

Climate & Humidity

Due to their tropical origins, money trees like warm and humid conditions and are well suited to a bathroom or kitchen. Avoid exposing your money tree to cold or dry conditions and consider increasing humidity by misting your plant every day, especially if you are using heating or air conditioning.


Keeping your money tree in a small pot is a good way to restrict how large it will grow. If you want it to grow larger, repot it into a larger one. Pruning the lower leaves of your money tree can encourage stronger growth up top.


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