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Ivy Plant Care

Learn All About Ivy Care with our Guide

Ivy is the ultimate green machine. Fast-growing and evergreen, it can act as ground cover and climb walls, but also looks great draped over furniture or a mantlepiece. Varieties of ivy are native to Europe, northwest Africa, central and eastern Asia. Ivy will grow well in bright indirect light inside and partial or full shade outside.

Caring for your Ivy


Ivy is versatile as a houseplant as it can grow well in lower light conditions than many other plants. However plenty of indirect sunlight is preferable and your ivy will enjoy some direct sun in the winter.

Soil & Nutrients

Ivy does best in loose soil with good drainage. You can use any well-draining potting mix. Use a liquid fertiliser every two weeks during the growing season (May to August).


Ivy's like to be kept on the drier side, and the top few centimetres of their soil should be left to dry out between waterings. Ivy's can be prone to root rot, so it's important that they aren't left sitting in water. For this reason, it's important your ivy is in a pot with holes at the bottom to allow any excess water to drain out.

Climate & Humidity

Ivy is ideally suited to household temperatures and humidity, and won’t be overly sensitive to the environment in your home. Some varieties will appreciate higher humidity.


Ivy is considered a low maintenance plant but can take time to get established indoors. Once established it grows quickly, but you can cut any unwanted growth and put the cutting in water to start a new plant.


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