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Euphorbia Plant Care

Learn All About Euphorbia Care with our Guide

Euphorbia is a large genus of plants that all share a milky white sap. Most varieties are succulents and many of them look remarkably like cacti. These cacti-like varieties are mostly native to the deserts of Southern Africa and prefer lots of direct sunlight and well-draining sandy soil.

Caring for your Euphorbia


Euphorbias love direct sunshine and will thrive in a position near a south-facing window. Some varieties can scorch with too much sun so take time to acclimatise the plant before moving it to a sunnier spot full time.

Soil & Nutrients

Like most succulents, your Euphorbia should be planted in a pot with very good drainage. A cactus or succulent potting mix is ideal, but you can also mix sand into a standard potting mix if you prefer. Use a liquid fertiliser monthly during the summer.


As succulents, Euphorbias have water-storing capabilities and are relatively drought-tolerant. However, unlike cacti, euphorbias don't like complete drought so water your euphorbia when the top few inches of the soil have dried out. Be careful not to overwater and make sure you reduce watering in winter.

Climate & Humidity

Euphorbias prefer warm conditions, so try to keep yours away from any draughty hallways. Typical household humidity is just fine, and be careful putting your Euphorbia in a bathroom as excessive humidity can lead to fungal issues.


Once established, try not to fuss over your euphorbia too much. It is more likely to die from too much love than too little. Due to their shallow roots, euphorbias can get a little top-heavy, and you can prune them back if this becomes an issue.


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