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Pilea peperomioides

Chinese Money Plant

Chinese Money Plant 3

Chinese Money Plant Care

Learn All About Chinese Money Plant Care with our Guide

The Chinese money plant grows naturally at the base of the Himalayan mountains in southern China. Loved for its unique coin-shaped leaves, it is an evergreen perennial that is easy to care for and will enjoy bright indirect light and moderate watering.

Caring for your Chinese Money Plant


Chinese money plants are best placed in bright indirect sunlight, although they can tolerate a little direct sun and some shade. Turn your Chinese money plant regularly to ensure even growth. If your plant has leggy shoots and small leaves, it probably isn’t getting enough light.

Soil & Nutrients

A Chinese money plant needs nutrient-rich soil with good drainage. Look for a peat-free potting mix or you can mix sand and gravel into compost you already have to improve drainage. Use a half strength liquid fertiliser monthly during the growing season (May to August).


Chinese money plants should be watered when the top few centimetres of their soil are dry to touch. Droopy leaves are a sign that your Chinese money plant needs more water. Pileas can also be prone to root rot from overwatering. To avoid this make sure you water your Chinese money plant carefully and around the edges of the plant's soil, away from its root system. Alternatively, consider using the bottom watering technique.

Climate & Humidity

A typical household environment will suit your Chinese money plant, but extra humidity is preferable to dry spots, so avoid putting your plant too close to a radiator or vent.


In the right conditions, your Chinese money plant will grow quickly, filling its pot with roots and offshoots. The offshoots can be easily removed to start a new plant, and a new pot with fresh soil is recommended in the spring if your plant has outgrown its current pot.


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