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Nephrolepis exaltata

Boston Fern

Boston Fern 3

Boston Fern Plant Care

Learn All About Boston Fern Care with our Guide

The Boston fern, also known as the sword fern, is found in tropical regions all around the world. Loved for their evergreen fronds with tiny leaflets, Boston ferns are slow growers and can be sensitive to changes in their environment. They prefer consistent warm temperatures, high humidity and good indirect sunlight to thrive.

Caring for your Boston Fern


Boston ferns should be placed out of direct sunlight but will tolerate bright indirect sunlight or light shade. Direct sunlight can burn your fern’s fronds, while too little light will lead to sparse and dull leaves. Be careful making any radical changes to your fern’s environment.

Soil & Nutrients

Boston ferns need nutrient-rich soil with good drainage. Look for a peat-free potting mix or you can mix sand and gravel into compost you already have to improve drainage. Use a liquid fertiliser occasionally during the growing season (May to August).


Boston ferns like moist soil so top yours up regularly, with lukewarm water if possible. Make sure it doesn’t sit in standing water and reduce watering in the winter months. If you notice dry brown leaves dropping, your fern isn’t getting enough water.

Climate & Humidity

Due to their tropical origins, boston ferns like warm and humid conditions and are well suited to a bathroom or kitchen. Avoid exposing your fern to cold or dry conditions and consider increasing humidity by misting your plant every day, especially if you are using heating or air conditioning.


Apart from keeping your Boston fern in the optimum growing conditions, it will be pretty low maintenance. Remove any dead growth and repot if roots start growing out of the soil.


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