About Us

Hello we're The Stem

…and we are here to help spread the joy of plants around London (and hopefully the rest of the UK very soon).

We launched in October 2019 and have been growing very quickly (excuse the pun), making London a greener, healthier and happier place in the process.

We are rooted by three core values:


We only buy the best quality plants and pots, and they all go through our quality control process before being delivered to your door


We are fanatical about service and we will always do our best to make sure you have a 5* experience, including through our scheduled deliveries, 30-day no questions asked return policy and our free on-going plant care service


We take our footprint very seriously and that’s why we only deliver with our electric vans, plant a tree for every order (which helps to offset the emissions in the rest of the supply chain) and there is even a rumour you can plant our thank-you cards ;)

Thank you for reading and we hope you will choose us to bring the green into your life.

The Stem - Growing Health & Happiness