Swiss Cheese Plant (70cm)


About me

AKA: Monstera Deliciosa

I’m a 70’s heartthrob that loves to climb and my perforated green leaves are fine, fine, fine. I'm one of the most popular plants for a reason, as I am a great statement piece in any room in the house.

Care instructions


  • I like filtered sun or light shade (however, my bits in the shade wont have as many holes..)


  • From spring-autumn let the top soil dry out in between watering me, in winter water me slightly less
  • I also love a good misting every few days (or set me on a tray of pebbles)


  • Feed me once a month from spring to summer 


 I can be toxic to children and pets if ingested

Find me a pot

This 70cm tall Swiss Cheese plant comes in a 21cm plastic nursery pot, so will fit in any pot larger than 22cm; we have some suggestions at the bottom of the page.

Note: decorative pots in photos sold separately