Heartleaf Philodendron (35cm)


About me 

AKA: Philodendron Scandens

I'm a plant that everyone should have in their collection, with my dramatic heart-shaped leaves. I love to climb and hang, and will look great in pretty much any room. 

I'm easy to look after and also a whizz at cleaning the air.

Care instructions 


  • I can deal with a wide range of lighting conditions, including moderate shade. Try to keep me out of direct sunlight


  • From spring-autumn let the top 2-3cm of my soil dry out before watering me, in winter water me sparingly
  • I like being misted regularly


  • Feed me once in spring and once in summer


Leaves are toxic to pets and children.

Find me a pot

This 35cm tall Philodendron comes in the plastic hanging pot in the photo!

You can also put me in a decorative pot and it will trail down a bookcase or over a shelf / desk / worktop!

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