Fiddle Leaf Fig (100cm)


About me 

AKA: Ficus Lyrata

With my violin shaped leaves, I will be sure to bring a lush and exotic vibe into your home. 

I will be the stand out piece in your living room, and if you look after me well will keep on growing up and up!

Care instructions


  • I like bright areas but try and keep me out of direct sunshine as it can burn my leaves


  • From spring-autumn keep the top soil moist but not wet (c.1 a week), watering me when the top soil is dry, in winter water me sparingly
  • Be careful not to overwater me as my roots could rot


  • Feed me once a month from spring to summer


My sap can be an irritant 

Find me a pot

This 100cm tall Fiddle Leaf Fig comes in a 21cm plastic nursery pot, so will fit in a decorative pot >22cm; we have some suggestions at the bottom of the page.

Note: decorative pots in photos sold separately

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