Hanging & Trailing

Our range of hanging plants are perfect for hanging baskets or to trail-off a bookshelf or side-table.

Schefflera Arboricola Gold Capella

Umbrella Tree

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I'm one of the most striking plants around with my leaves spreading out in to a canopy with splashes of gold, yellow and pale green.

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Philodendron Scandens (Brasil)

Heart-Leaf Philodendron (Hanging)


If you are looking for a plant to hang, trail or climb then pick me; my heart-shaped leaves will help you fall in love with me.

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Hedera Helix Variegated

English Ivy


My beautiful variegated leaves and ability to trail, hang or climb make me a great addition to your plant family.

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Epipremnum Aureum

Golden Pothos


I am the perfect indoor trailing, climbing or hanging plant and will bring a lush tropical feel to your home. I'm also super hardy!

Pots that fit me