Fathers Day

Father's Day Gifts

Ditch the socks and give Dad a gift that grows this Father's Day. All plants come wrapped in recycled kraft paper with a hand-written note personalised by you.

Nephrolepis exaltata

Boston Fern

From £8

I am one of the most popular ferns around, people love my bushy appearance and delicate feathery fronds. I am native to the jungles of South America so I love humidity, so I am the perfect plant for a steamy bathroom or kitchen!

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Glass Terrarium


This bulb shaped terrarium is a self-sustaining green ecosystem that comes fully planted and is a perfect gift or new low-maintenance addition to your home. Comes exactly as pictured.

Haws Plastic Watering Can

From £8

These sage green Haws watering cans are made from recycled plastic.

The detachable rose allows you to choose between a direct stream or fine mist, perfect for small delicate plants, whilst also caring for larger greenery. Comes in two sizes, 1 and 2 pint.

Made by Haws in their workshop in Smethwick, West Midlands.

Houseplant Pruners


Multi-purpose houseplant pruners. Use to prune and shape your houseplants.

The specially designed stainless steel blades are curved, so you can easily isolate leaves and stems. Rust-resistant with soft grip handles.

Made by Burgon & Ball who have been working with steel in Sheffield since 1730.

Howea forsteriana

Kentia Palm

From £18

My tall stems and long, glossy, green leaves fan out to make quite the impression; I'm also one of the most versatile plants around.

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Pachira aquatica

Money Tree

From £24

I'm a hardy and striking indoor tree originating from tropical wetlands. Elegant green leaves dangle from my stem. If that's not enough, according to folklore I will also bring you good fortune.

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Ficus elastica 'Robusta'

Rubber Plant 'Robusta'

From £8

My large, dark, thick, rubbery leaves will stand out and bring your home to life.

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Hedera helix Variegated

Variegated English Ivy


My beautiful variegated leaves and ability to trail, hang or climb make me a great addition to your plant family.

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Ficus benjamina 'Danielle'

Weeping Fig

From £18

With a mass of hanging, pointed, dark, glossy leaves, I will make a stunning focal point in your home.

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Zamioculcas zamiifolia

ZZ Plant

From £12

My thick waxy green leaves on my elegant bowing stems give me an attractive look. I am also super hardy so easy to look after!

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Phlebodium aureum

Blue Star Fern


Blue, green fronds make up a mass of wavy foliage, a sturdier fern that can handle some neglect.

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Sansevieria trifasciata 'Zeylanica'

Snake Plant Zeylanica

From £14

My sword-like leaves will stand out in any room; I'm pretty much invincible and also a superstar at purifying the air.